A FISHING competition with a £6,000 prize is due to take place for the first time in South Gloucestershire this year.

Windmill Fishery, in Henfield near Westerleigh, has announced it will hold its first ever national angling context in conjunction with the South Gloucestershire Show which takes place at the site on August 2 and 3.

The fishery has put up £6,000 as prize money for the competition and the overall winner will also receive the annual Windmill Trophy.

Rounds will take place beforehand with the finals being fished on the Show days.

The event will be fished for an individual prize of £1,500 with £1,000 for second and £500 for third places. There will also be a separate pairs competition with the winning pair receiving £1,500 each. England internationals Des Shipp and Callum Dicks have entered the pairs competition.

Qualifying rounds for both competitions will start on March 8 and run through to July. Those coming in first and second place of each individual round and the winners of each pairs round will go straight to the finals.

The inaugural South Gloucestershire Show is taking place at Windmill Fishery showground on Saturday, August 2 and Sunday, August 3 when over 10,000 visitors are expected in what will become an annual event.

It is being billed as a county show with interactive activities, sports, arena events, live music and a beer festival.

Organiser Darren Hawkins said: “There will be something for everyone.

“South Gloucestershire is missing a capital city and this event will help put it on the map and give it an identity.”

Full details of the show can be found at www.southglosshow.co.uk or for more on the fishing competition go to www.windmillfishery.co.uk