A FEW new faces in Cirencester have been attracting attention for the last two weeks as police patrol the town centre in style.

Mounted police officers from the Avon and Somerset force have been patrolling the town to provide additional high profile support, and their majestic companions are proving a bit of a hit with residents and tourists alike.

PC Ted Grabowski laughed off one rumour circulating the town that an officer had been pulled off her horse by a group of people earlier in the month.

Saying that he had heard the rumour, which he put down to Chinese whispers, he added: “It was an incident where officers on horseback arrested three people for a racially aggravated public order offence.”

Members of the public relished the chance to meet PC Grabowski and his colleague PC Lindsey Pendleton and their horses, St George and Clifton, as they patrolled Cirencester on Tuesday this week.