COUNCIL planners are next week to visit a Coalpit Heath pub where plans to build a mini Sainsbury’s have caused outrage.

The proposal for a Sainsbury’s Local on part of the car park at the Badminton Arms have caused existing traders to fear for their businesses as they say they will not be able to compete with supermarket prices.

Independent shopkeepers on Lower Stone Close and Woodend Road mounted a bitter campaign against the plans, lodged with South Gloucestershire Council by Box Property Group, since they were revealed late last year.

Lorraine Naish, who has run the Truly Scrumptious cafe on Lower Stone Close for six years, told the Gazette: “Nobody minds a bit of competition but we are all family businesses and this will kill many of them.

"We should be okay, unless they eventually knock the pub down and open a full-sized supermarket with a cafe.”

Edwina Pennell, who has run the Nisa convenience store on Woodend Road for 24 years, said: “I am frightened to death. A lot of our customers are very upset as they’re worried all the local stores will disappear.

“Some of my staff have worked for me for 20 years and we work as a team with other local family-run businesses. But the multiples will move in and it is the death of everyone else.

“I don’t think there will be any local shops left in Frampton Cotterell or Coalpit Heath.”

However, a retail assessment carried out by the Box group found the store would not adversely affect existing traders.

It said: “The scheme will contribute positively to the local economy in a manner that complements existing provision, which is located in a vital and viable local centre environment.”

A petition signed by hundreds of people against the plans has been handed to the council and nearly 400 people have registered comments on the council’s website.

Local resident Eric Snell said: “This site is too small for an existing public house and a large Sainsbury’s Local store.

“The traffic will be backing up onto Badminton Road causing major problems for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. Any vehicles turning right into the site or right out of the site will be hazardous.”

Last week, people who have commented on the application on the council’s website were sent an email in error which incorrectly stated that the plans had been decided. A subsequent email explained that revised plans had been submitted and the public has until Thursday, March 27 to comment on them.

Members of the council’s development control east committee are due to inspect the site next Friday, March 28 and it is expected to be decided on April 10.