A TODDLER from Cam can see stars and rainbows for the time in his life after undergoing eye surgery – and his parents have now raised hundreds to say thank you to the hospital.

Four –year-old Rafferty Vollans-Bentley had to undergo several operations to remove cataracts and have artificial lenses put in at Battledown Children’s Outpatients Ward in Cheltenham.

The Slimbridge Primary School pupil’s eyesight has dramatically improved since and told his parents he has since seen “twinkling lights in the sky” and a rainbow.

His parents Ally and Paul from Woodend Lane decided to hold a raffle to raise as much money as possible and buy the ward an iPad to say thank you after they realised they only had one and that itself had been donated.

During Rafferty’s surgery, he was given the tablet to keep him calm and distracted during the operation while under general anaesthetic.

It also kept him relaxed as he came out of the anaesthetic while still groggy.

“It not only makes the children feel better but it makes us as parents feel better as well, knowing they’re more at ease. They’re like liquid gold,” said Ally.

“They have done an amazing job. That is why we did this because they have been so helpful.”

The raffle, held at Berryblue Cafe and boasting over 40 prizes from generous donations, raised £1,480 which is enough to buy the ward and two other departments at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital an iPad each with child-proof protective bumpers and vouchers to buy games.

“I would really like to say a huge thank you to all the people who have supported us and to Berrryblue for allowing us to use the cafe for the event,” she said.

Paul said his son’s school had already reported that he was able to concentrate a lot more and easier to settle down.

He as described it as “heartbreaking” when Rafferty had told him he could finally see the stars and saw a rainbow for the first time.

If people want to make any further donations you can call Ally on 07889 353845 or email her at Allisonvollans@btinternet.com