CROWDS of enthusiasts flocked to Easter Compton for an annual fair featuring the popular pocket-sized Observer's reference books.

Some people had travelled many miles to join local fans and collectors at the event, which was held in the village hall.

Organiser Richard Edwards said: "People came from all over the country, which was very rewarding.

"We also had special guest Nick Baldwin, author of the Observer's books on commercial vehicles, trucks and tractors, at the hall, which was quite an achievement."

The specialist event has been run for nine years to allow the trading and swapping of thousands of vintage collectable books.

An auction saw some of the rarer books being sold, with the highest price raised being £60 for a 1956 book on automobiles. When published it cost just five shillings.

The Observer's books were produced in hardback until 1982. Paperbacks were produced for a short time but eventually their publication was also stopped.