DURSLEY’s MP Neil Carmichael visited Dursley Swimming Pool to meet with staff and swimmers during Parliamentary recess.

The facility on Castle Street is the largest swimming pool in Gloucestershire, and provides swimming lessons for around 1,200 children from nearby schools to take part in schemes accredited by the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA).

It also offers swimming sessions for those with disabilities.

According to the ASA, the pool has the biggest reach as a leisure facility for the whole of the county and Mr Carmichael spoke to staff about the £1.4million funding provided by the Labour-led Stroud District Council for the pool to expand it sports and leisure programme.

Following the meeting, Mr Carmichael said: “I am really pleased that the staff and leadership team at Dursley pool are thinking about the future in a positive way.

“Their focus on community activity, as proved by the fact that over 1,200 children regularly use the pool, will be rewarded by a further extension of facilities as their plan for growth materialises.”

Mr Carmichael's fellow Conservative members on Stroud District Council abstained from the vote to give Dursley Pool the extra funding in January after it was described as “inappropriate”.