A 22-YEAR-old who struggled to find work for a year has thanked a social enterprise which helped her get a job.

Rosie Hazell, from Wickwar, has a learning disability and found it difficult to find a job after being unemployed a year ago.

But Rosie, who previously worked in a veterinary surgery and studied animal care at college, found her luck changed after receiving help from Pluss – a social enterprise helping people move closer to work.

After getting help writing a new CV and advised her on how to do well in an interview, Rosie landed a job at Chipping Sodbury’s new supermarket Waitrose.

“I was unemployed for a long time,” she said. “Being out of work wasn’t good. I applied for lots of jobs but employers said they already had lots of people apply – it was very hard.

“I didn’t have my own money to spend or to see my friends. I got very bored being at home and I just wanted to get out and meet new people.”

Pluss delivers the UK government’s Work Choice programme in the south west on behalf of prime provider Working Links.

Staff worked closely with Rosie to boost her CV, supported her in applications to prospective employers and introduced the idea of further training to enhance her employability skills. They attended the interview at Waitrose along with Rosie to ensure she was comfortable.

Added Rosie: “Pluss really helped me. They helped me write tailored CVs, go to interviews, write covering letters and ring employers.

“They helped so much that I ended up with a job which I really enjoy and have made loads of new friends.”

Rosie’s long-term career goal is to work in animal care but she said for now she was happy to be in her first long-term position.

To find out more about how Working Links helps communities call 0800 917 9262 or visit www.workinglinks.co.uk