DURSLEY is to commemorate those who fought and died in the First World War as we near its centenary – and it needs as many people as possible to make it happen.

An evening is being organised to reflect on the time and what it must have been like to live during the conflict for Sunday, August 3 at Lister Hall on Long Street at 7pm.

A wide range of activities are planned including poetry readings, songs as well the reading of letters from soldiers who sent them to their families and were published in the Dursley Gazette.

A number of groups are contributing in some way to the event, including Dursley Heritage Centre, the Royal British Legion as well as local churches and scout and guide groups.

But to ensure those that fought during the war are truly remembered, Dursley Town Council is urging more people to either donate some time to help organise the event or some memorabilia for visitors to experience.

DTC clerk Helen Bojaniwska said: “We’re hoping to get individuals and organisations from the time to contribute to the events entertainment.

“It’s not a celebration but an opportunity for people to reflect on the centenary and maybe listen to some music from the time, hear some poetry and readings of letters from the Gazette at the time.”

Dursley mayor, Cllr Jane Ball, who is also the chairwoman of the local branch of the Royal British Legion, said any help would be appreciated, whether it was on the day or through contributions.

“We should commemorate this centenary because the young men who went off, sometimes without a second thought really, to defend this country. Which is us really, this town, and a lot of them didn’t come back.”