A FIGHT in the early hours of this morning in Dursley, which is believed involved up to seven people, left one man hospitalised.

The bloody brawl on Long Street left one man with head injuries who was sent to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

Because of the large amounts of blood, and because a head injury was suffered, Gloucestershire Police cordoned off the street to undertake a forensic investigation as they believed it a more serious crime may have taken place.

However the man received only a minor cut to the head and was discharged from hospital this afternoon, with the road re-opened at around lunchtime.

Control room inspector John Lynch-Warden told the Gazette the police had been called to the scene by ambulance crews at around 4.30am.

"One person was assaulted but this was a relatively minor incident," he said.

"There were six or seven people involved but when we got there it had largely settled."

Police inquiries are still ongoing. If you have any information, call Gloucestershire Police on 101.