A REFUSED planning application for 106 homes in Charfield has been appealed

The application, which included plans for access, parking, a public open space, play facilities and landscaping on Charfield Green, was refused in April by South Gloucestershire Council.

In its explanation, the local authority said the proposal was “unsustainable” because of the size and location and provided little in the way of facilities and public transport.

“Charfield does not function as a self-sufficient settlement and the proposal would exacerbate this,” it said.

“In the absence of a section 106 legal agreement to secure contributions towards community facilities (which includes public open space) required to service the proposed development, the proposal fails to provide sufficient mitigation to address the impact of the development.”

It added that the developers proposed no contributions to schools, libraries or affordable housing either.

Now Cheshire-based company Gladman Developments are calling for an independent inquiry into the decision, rather than an informal hearing because of the complexity of the case.

Project manager Tracey McCann said it was likely the inquiry would last a minimum of eight days and would include four expert witnesses to be called.

As part of the public consultation, 1032 households were sent letters about the application.

Stephen Bomford of Willow Close in Charfield said the development planned was outside the limits of the Charfield village plan and believed it was in a high risk flood area.

“Very limited consideration has been applied to the effect of possibly 500 plus inhabitants of Charfield and in particular the strain on the road network as well as local school and health provisions,” he said.

“Overall, there would be a negative effect on many aspects of village life and an immediate negative effect on those people bordering on the new proposed development.”

But Sarah Wilmott who lives on Manor Lane in Charfield said she was “shocked” at the number of “irrelevant” objections there had been for the application.

“I think a development of this size is going to not only do Charfield a lot of good, but bring much needed family homes to the area, and improve a relatively under developed village,” she said.

“I would like the chance for my family to grow up in this village but in the current climate, little housing available on the market, it leaves little option but to move elsewhere.”

The appeal inquiry is likely to be held in November this year.