A MAN from Wotton-under-Edge is calling on the local authorities to do more for neglected parts of the town - likening them to a disaster zone

The Synwell area of the town is littered with potholes, overgrown bushes, cracked pavements and grass sprouting on lanes and in the road and Mount Pleasant resident Paul Barton, 73, said was likely to hurt themselves on brambles or by tripping over.

He claims the area is being left behind while other, more valuable, parts of the town are looked after.

“The residents of Synwell find it shocking that behind the facade of the neat grass areas and flowers on the approaches to Wotton that gives us visitors such a good impression the reality is, for some communities, very different,” he said.

“Synwell Hill looks like a disaster movie set where nature has started to take over, rank weeds and briars abounding.

“We pay our rates but seem to get poor value, especially those living on or near council housing estates.”

On Synwell Lane and Potters Pond, bushes have overgrown to an extent that you can only walk one-abreast on the pavement, or risk walking in the road.

A small amount of work has been carried out on a section of Synwell Lane but Mr Barton said the majority was still neglected and a lot more needed to be done to rectify the eyesore.

Wotton mayor, Cllr Roger Claydon, said they had received a number of complaints about the appearance of the town in terms of potholes, overgrown verges, bushes and hedges, and weeds in gutters and pavements.

“These complaints are passed on to the responsible authority, normally the county council, but sometimes the district council, and the situation is monitored by the town council.

“We are aware that the County Council has recently changed its Highways contractor and that this has caused some delays, although we understand that the arrangements are now fully operational."

Highways manager Dan Tiffney said Gloucestershire County Council was working hard to keep growth under control across the county.

"Grass verges are cut at least once a year and any additional work is carried out on a needs basis with no favouritism of one area over another," he said.

“The majority of hedgerows close to the road in Synwell are privately owned, but in response to residents’ requests work to clear footpaths in Synwell Lane, The Cloud, Ludgate Hill and Wortley Road is planned for towards the end of August.

"We’re always happy to talk to local communities about how we can help and would encourage people to report any issues at www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/reportit.”