THE BRITISH Transport Police (BTP) are searching for members of the public to give feedback and advice on the policing of railways.

They are looking for volunteers with an interest in railways and the railway community with strong links to the community to join an Independent Advisory Group.

The aim is for these members to provide feedback on how the BTP’s actions are interpreted by the public.

Barry Boffy, BTP equality and diversity manager, said: “We are keen to expand our membership of this already very successful group.

“We want more people to have their say in the policing of the railways in their area and are now looking for new members in Bristol, Gloucester and surrounding areas.

“We want members of the panel to have links to the diverse communities we police so we can help form a bridge between these groups and BTP.

“The aim is for members of the public and rail staff to get involved and be a voice for the community.

“We want them to be critical and challenge existing processes to continue to build trust and confidence in us, which will have real tangible effects on our policing and our policies.”

Meetings are held quarterly and will allow a representation of local people to have a voice in the policing of the railway.

Panel members will not be paid, but will be entitled to the reimbursement of associated costs, such as travel.

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer with the Independent Advisory Group can contact Barry Boffy at British Transport Police at: Policy&