In his Conservative party-sponsored newsletter to residents of Nailsworth and Horsley, titled intouch, it includes a front page article highly critical of the council’s choice to invest in Dursley.

In it he writes: “In the last two years since Labour has been leading the administration of the district council they have made a number of big spending decisions.

“£1.4 million on an extension to Dursley pool. Over a third of a million to buy a housing association... in Dursley. Over a third of a million for new affordable housing on the Littlecombe development... in Dursley.

“And what have they put into Nailsworth and Horsley over this time? Well actually nothing at all.

“We’re really happy for the residents of Dursley, and support the much-needed investment in their town. But, as Nailsworth residents pay the second highest council tax in the district, we would call for a little more fairness in council spending.”

In response, leader of Stroud District Council and Dursley representative, Cllr Geoff Wheeler said he was surprised Cllr Carter had not mentioned the improvements to Nailsworth bus station in his letter.

“The investment in Dursley Pool will benefit the whole of the south of the district and further afield. It represents a major investment, which will help promote healthier lifestyles for thousands of residents,” he said.

“With respect to money being spent on affordable homes at Littlecombe, this is just part of our programme to build 150 new ones across the district.

“The purchase of the Corriett sheltered housing scheme in Cam, not in Dursley, also represented an opportunity to provide affordable sheltered housing for those who needed it.”

Speaking to the Gazette, Cllr Carter said he understood Dursley had suffered more than anywhere in terms of employment.

"But if I look at what the administration has been spending, how does that improve their recovery?" he said.

"I can't see myself how that helps Dursley people with the problems it has. I don't think they are spending the money wisely.

"Housing is important but it is just as much needed in Nailsworth."

In the run up to the General Election next year the Conservatives have produced numerous leaflets and newsletters sent to homeowners in the district highlighting the party’s work as well as the efforts of Stroud MP Neil Carmichael.