HOUNDS and horses filled the streets of Chipping Sodbury during the Duke of Beaufort Hounds’ annual Christmas meet.

The Beaufort Hounds held their traditional season meet in the town centre on Wednesday, December 10 at 10.45am attracting a large crowd of townspeople who wished to meet the hounds.

Spokesperson for the Duke of Beaufort's Hunt, Jo Aldridge, said: “We’ve been meeting for many years and always have a huge amount of support locally. It is always a pleasure coming back to Chipping Sodbury as the town always gives an amazing welcome.

“A good crowd of around 200 shoppers and other townspeople gathered around as they like to see the horses and hounds and support the hunt.

“The hounds, in their couples of around 17 and a half, so about 35 hounds altogether, gathered with the 80 horses with interesting trails to go over. It’s a great spectacle of the British tradition.”

The occasion was hosted by solicitors Beaufort Montague Harris and after the meet the hunt left for the ride towards Sodbury Common.

The Beaufort Hunt will meet again on Friday, December 26 at 10.45am at Worcester Lodge, Didmarton.