THE DOG collars were out for a rather unusual church service in Stinchcombe.

Members of congregations from St Cyr’s Church in Stinchombe and St Geroge’s Church in Upper Cam were invited to a special animal service and were encouraged to bring their pets – big or small.

Horses, dogs, rabbits, chickens and even a giant snail were all guests at the service, taken by Rev Sophia Acland, with around 40 people attending with the wide variety of animals.

The service was followed by refreshments for all - including the pets.

One of the congregation, Richard Elliott, said he thought it went extremely well.

“While animal services are not uncommon, it’s the first one these two churches have done.

“There was a serious point that the Bible does require us to look after animals as well as people, but it was a light-hearted even.

“I was pleased with the turnout and the variety of animals that came. It went on so well I think there would be a possibility of holding another one in the future.”