A MOTORIST from Dursley has been fined after failing to pay a fixed penalty notice for throwing a cigarette out of the window.

Alison Sargent, 46, of Welling Close, Dursley was fined £150 and a £20 victim surcharge as well as being ordered to pay costs of £150 at Cheltenham magistrates.

Ms Sargent, who did not attend court, was parked in her vehicle on Park Parade in Stonehouse in January, 2014 when she was observed throwing a cigarette end out of the car window by a Stroud District Council’s Animal Welfare Officer.

The officer approached Ms Sargent and issued her with a Fixed Penalty Notice, which would allow her to discharge the littering offence by paying a £75 fine within 14 days or pay the reduced penalty of £50 if paid within 10 days.

However the fixed penalty was not paid within the time frame and, despite two subsequent letters advising Ms Sargent of this fact, no payment was ever received.

In response the council took the matter to court, charging Ms Sargent for the original littering offence.

Chairman of Stroud District Council’s Environment Committee, Cllr Simon Pickering, said the council, on behalf of residents, took the issue of littering very seriously and was delighted the courts had supported its efforts.

“Wherever possible, offenders are given an opportunity to discharge their offence by payment of a fixed penalty notice,” he said.

However, where that opportunity is ignored, we will not hesitate to refer matters to the courts as in this case.”