THE residents of a small cul-de-sac in Yate are celebrating living next door to each other for quarter of a century of living at a get together on Saturday.

The19 houses in The Leaze were completed in 1989 with the first homeowners moving in that summer. Twenty five years later and although only eight or nine original households remain, the estate is still a friendly, safe neighbourhood where everyone knows everyone.

A resident since August 1989, Yvonne Cox said: “It is a friendly place. We have a zero crime rate and we all know each other.

“It is a community and now many of our children have had children and it is our grandchildren out playing in the street.”

Residents have been holding traditional street parties in The Leaze since the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge married in 2011, followed by a Diamond Jubilee party in 2012 and another to celebrate the birth of Prince George in 2013.

“We thought we had better have one this year as well,” said Mrs Cox. “They have always been lovely, we put up bunting and everyone brings some food and we light the barbecues and reminisce.

“We have seen many changes but this is a good way of getting to know new residents.”

The Leaze party takes place this Saturday, August 16 at 5pm.