DEPENDING on how you look at it the sweet chestnut tree near St Mary’s Church in Thornbury is either an icon or an eyesore.

The tree has stood in its position for at least two centuries and has become one of the town’s most famous features.

The problem is that it restricted the path on an already particularly precarious road for pedestrians and makes it difficult for those in wheelchairs to pass by.

If it was any other tree it probably would have been removed without any issue and it is a shame to lose it. But rather the tree than a person.

The tree being moved on to Streamleaze Green is an unusual decision but one that makes sense.

It will be many times better for the tree to amuse Thornbury residents than simply have it turned in to woodchip.

It is unlikely that the tree will sustain any major damage whilst on the green waiting for a decision to be made on what to do with it.

It will undoubtedly have been climbed by a child 200 years ago and there is no real reason why the same should not happen now.

The frustrations of many are understandable as the tree has been a mainstay of the town for centuries and was rather unceremoniously felled.

However it was an inevitable event and soon there will be another tree which will take over the mantle and perhaps, 200 years down the line the same discussion will be taking place over a tree that has no notice taken of it today.