VANDALS have destroyed a banner that had been publicising Saturday’s flower show in Pilning.

The show’s organisers are warning that the charity that proceeds of the show will be going to will now lose out as the banner will have to be replaced.

During the night on Saturday, August 16 the banner was torn and the stakes holding it up were bent.

Pilning Flower Show organiser, Richard Edwards, said: “This is really sad, because we only got these banners last year as the result of a South Gloucestershire grant and they do a great job in reminding local people that the show is coming up.

“We will be obliged to replace the banner which is ripped down the middle, and the stakes, which were bent flat.

“The money, in the order of £100, will have to be taken from the profits of the show which would otherwise go to our identified local charity; Wheels at St Peter’s (WASP).

“We can only imagine that this has been done by someone worse the wear for drink, on their way home.

“Perhaps in the cold light of day they may think of the consequences of their actions and consider owning up, paying for the damage or making an equivalent direct donation to WASP.

“But the show will go on regardless and we hope people will rally round and support us”.

The 45th Pilning Flower Show takes place on Saturday, August 23 at St Peter’s School, in Bank Road, Pilning.

Entries must be received by 10.45am on the day and the doors open to members of the public at 2.15pm.