A NEW website is set to offer Gloucestershire residents greater choice and flexibility over their care options.

Beginning this week, Telecare is on offer to all of the county’s residents via new self service website www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/telecare

People can log on and complete the short online assessment, and the site will suggest Telecare equipment based on the answers given.

There will be the option to either make a purchase privately or send the assessment through to Gloucestershire County Council’s specialist Telecare team to determine whether they are eligible for a free service.

Using special sensors Telecare equipment helps detect potential emergencies in the home, such as falls, wandering, medication mismanagement, fire, flooding and carbon monoxide and gas leaks.

Telecare can help older people and people with physical disabilities, memory problems, learning disabilities and mental health conditions to stay safe and independent at home whilst providing great reassurance and peace of mind to families and carers.

The equipment can be linked to call a 24 hour monitoring centre, where trained operators can call for help if needed.

The sensors include fall detectors, bed and chair sensors, movement sensors, smoke and heat detectors, and medication prompting devices.

Stand alone equipment can also be used in the home to alert an onsite carer or family member via a pager system.

Telecare is discreet, simple to use and can be adapted to meet people’s personal needs.

Some equipment includes personal memo reminders, which can help residents manage day to day tasks in their own homes.

Cllr Andrew Gravells, cabinet member for older people said: “Telecare offers reassurance for friends and family that the people they’re looking after are safe, and now all people in Gloucestershire can enjoy the benefits with this easy to use website.

“For the first time people can purchase Telecare equipment privately, meaning the service is now available for everyone whether they are eligible for social services support or not. Via the site you can also send a completed assessment to find out if you’re eligible for a free service “

Visit www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/telecare to find out more