THE NEW splash pad on Mundy Playing Fields is now up and running and despite some concerns raised by residents the new feature seems to have impressed many of Thornbury’s youngsters.

In February voted on whether they would prefer for the paddling pool to be refurbished or whether they wanted a new water park to be built in its place.

The outcome of the voting made the new splash pad the pretty clear winner and after quotes being provided to the council work got underway to have it built.

Having the splash pad up and running at the very end of the school holidays is disappointing but trying to construct a project like this during the depths of winter would have been more hassle and undoubtedly more expensive.

The paddling pool has always been a popular attraction in the town, particularly during school holidays but the new splash pad ensures that Mundy Playing Fields still has some kind of water feature, on offer for free, something not very many places can offer.

The council is often criticised, and rightly so in many cases, but for them to continue to provide Thornbury with a water park for the youngsters to use for no cost is something unique to Thornbury.

The modernisation of Mundy Playing Fields should, of course, be encouraged with facilities on offer on the site continuing to be well-used by many of the town’s residents.

Having to, on occasion, wait for the splash pad to regenerate is inconvenient but an inconvenience that is unavoidable.

The modernisation of the unique water park offered by the council is a really positive move to keep Thornbury as an attractive destination for all ages.