A DOMESTIC abuse support service commissioned by the council has helped 3002 victims in one year.

Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Service, an organisation commissioned by Gloucestershire County Council, began a three year contract in July last year.

GreenSquare Group, in partnership with local charity Splitz Support Service, has now successfully completed the first year of the contract.

By providing an outreach service in all districts, GDASS aims to reduce the number of high risk cases and threat of harm to all victims of domestic abuse.

They provide support to people in crisis, particularly in cases where victims are forced to flee their homes. They support survivors of domestic violence through the courts, ensuring they feel safe during this process.

The service also delivers a number of programmes to support survivors on a long term basis, by helping them to build confidence and self esteem, and equipping them with the necessary tools to rebuild their lives.

Support services manager at GDASS Sally Morrissey said: “A number of high profile cases in the county have meant that the issue of domestic abuse has never been so prevalent in the minds of the public.

“We receive thousands of referrals each year and the numbers of referrals continues to rise as awareness of our service increases.

“Where possible, we work with victims to help them and their children to stay safely in their own homes, offering access to legal advice and other specialist support agencies. Where this is not possible, we can help people to find a place of safety.”

Councillor Kathy Williams, a cabinet member for commissioning at the council, said that domestic violence is a priority.

“Protecting victims of domestic abuse is a priority for us and one year in we’re pleased with the service GDASS has provided,” she said.

“It’s so important to commission a service that offers support and guidance to some of the most vulnerable people in our county. It’s a positive sign to see the number of referrals increasing as it shows us that more and more victims are finding their voice.”