SLIMBRIDGE Variety Showgroup is set to host another fantastic Air in G production, 'Spitfire Solo', which is to be performed at Slimbridge Village Hall on Saturday, February 8.

It is June of the new Millennium. For eighty-year old Peter Walker, ex-Battle of Britain pilot, an unexpected new challenge is about to begin. From the comfort of the Silver Birches Retirement Home, he must once again find the resilience, determination and strength to do what must be done.

As he re-lives past glories, losses, wartime experiences, family memories and the heady days of blue skies and battles, he searches for the answer to the biggest question so far. Personal, charming, funny and inventive, “Spitfire Solo” is one man’s battle for survival - the second time around.

Blending theatre, music and film in this multi-layered and textured production, Nicholas Collett plays a multitude of characters and recreates the Battle of Britain – on stage!

Tickets cost £7 and are available from 01453 890 239