STRICTLY dancing stars Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace are preparing to wow theatre audiences with their all-singing, all-dancing brand new show, Dance Til Dawn.

Packed from start to finish with popular songs from the golden age of Hollywood, sumptuous costumes and of course, spectacular dancing from two of the best in the business, this new glitzy production arrives in Bristol on the second stop of its five-month tour.

Set in 1940s LA, through dances including the duo’s trademark Argentinean Tango, waltzes and rumbas, it tells the tale of a screen star whose lover is accused of murder.

Vincent, fresh back from Australia after taking part in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here at the end of last year, told the Gazette Dance Til Dawn is better than his and Flavia’s first theatre show, Midnight Tango.

“There is a story once again but it is more intimate,” said the notoriously confident dancer. “Basically it is about making a film and behind the scenes there is a murder happening. I am going to be accused of murder.

“It is a black comedy so it is going to be very funny. I am extremely funny which I didn’t know.”

With sincerity, Vincent believes Dance Til Dawn is his proudest achievement to date.

“We started working on this in October preparing our solos,” he said. “Flavia and I have six or seven solos, some have moments of real sadness and are really emotional. We do a beautiful waltz to Moon River and there is a slow rumba which is going to make people cry.

“But there is also a quick step, some jives and lots of big company numbers. There are all sorts of different moods throughout the show as we tell the story.

“I think this is more full on. With Midnight Tango it was just based on the tango but with this there are so many different styles, from elegant to emotional, people are going to love it.”

Vincent, who along with his professional dance partner Flavia took a break from the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing programme last year, said he hopes the show will make the West End after the tour.

“I am so proud of it,” he said. “We have so much talent in there, with the best of the best dancers and singers, we probably should have made two shows.

“I am amazed what we have achieved and just can’t wait to show it to people.”

He said the world of theatre was very different from the ‘Strictly bubble’.

“We have done TV for 10 years but had never done theatre until Midnight Tango,” said Vincent. “It is a completely different world.

“We don’t know if we are doing Strictly this year yet, the call normally comes in April or May. Last year we decided not to, partly because we were preparing for the show, but then the call came in from ITV for the jungle. Obviously they fell in love with me and I couldn’t resist it.

“It was such a weird experience, I was like a fish out of water,” he said of his time in the Australian outback. “You realise how lucky you are and the things we take for granted.

“I have been extremely lucky in my life with the things I have been offered. I like to do different things and show I am not just a one-trick pony.”

Dance Til Dawn comes to the Bristol Hippodrome from Tuesday, February 25 until Saturday, March 1.