THE BERKELEY Amateur Dramatic Society (BADS) as usual produced a cracking evening’s entertainment as they performed the pantomime ‘The Snow Queen’ at the Barn Function Centre, Cattle Country.

In an at times slightly baffling plot, The Summer Queen (Rachel Sheldon) is on hand to counteract the evil practised by her twin sister. In the title role, Tigre Coleman positively oozes evil and would surely win gold at Sochi where there an event in winter wickedness.

She was assisted, or perhaps hampered, by her hapless henchmen, Jack Frost (Philip Boobyer, who cut quite a dash in a bravura performance!) and Snowbell, portrayed by Billy Furey, surely the campest villain this side of the Cotswolds?

The handsome young Wills (George Knight) was imprisoned by the Snow Queen as she needed some younger slaves to work alongside her older conscripts (a metaphor for the company, maybe?).

The company’s resident dame, Bob Hunt, took the role of Granny Rose. Although his part was smaller than usual, he typically delighted and surprised the audience and fellow cast members alike with his ad libs and departures from the script.

BADS are to be commended for putting on a special performance for the pupils of Sharpness Primary School. The children were clearly delighted by what for many was their first experience of live theatre, and who knows, some may be inspired to take to the stage themselves.

Once again, BADS royally entertained their loyal following with their traditional frolics.

Review by Tim Tynan