CIRCUS Ginett is back in Thornbury this weekend, bringing fabulous family entertainment to the town.

Show business started for Circus Ginnett in Britain in the early 1800's. Ginnetts were thought to be high ranks in the French cavalry but came to England during the Napoleonic war. Between 1890 and 1930 Ginnetts circus grew to become one of UK’s largest circuses and is now one of UK's oldest circuses still travelling. Circus Ginnett is a traditional circus with a modern twist, a fun show for young and old with top artists.

This year Circus Ginnett is travelling throughout the country, with a completely new stunning program created with enthusiastic artists from the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ireland and England bring a mix of high quality acts, humour and excitement.

So it will be lights off, spots on and let the show begin as the acts hit the stage in the center of the Big Top. Clown Antonio has returned to England and will be working the stage to bring a smile to the audiences' faces. All the way from Bulgaria Veselka and Nedyalko make their debut in The UK. Together they will amaze you with their adagio acrobatic skills. This requires extreme concentration, strength and confidence. Nedyalko will perform his new cube act what is a very modern and new act in the circus. Veselka masters the hula hoop art to perfection, dazzling she turns one or more hoops around one leg, arm or around the waist. Also their daughter Yana is passionate about the hula hoops and has an exceptional talent. She is the youngest circus hula hoop artist of the country at the age of just five! Anke from The Netherlands will entertain you from the roof of the big top. You will enjoy her gorgeous and daring aerial dancing. The star of the show is back. Vader the Wonder dog will be assisted by Patrick Austin. Together they will make you fall off your chair with laughter with their clever and funny antics. The shows climax features a spectacular motorcycle carousel, which sees breathtaking aerial work above fire and knife juggling. This spine-tingling act is presented to you by the easy riders. This one and a half hour family magic will be presented by Irish ringmaster Laszlo Schlingloff.

Circus Ginnett has built a good reputation over the years and has successfully developed a unique clean style. For more information or to book tickets call 07582 353634 or look at

Show Times Thornbury (Circus site, Grovesend Rd) Friday 18, 6.30pm; Saturday 19, 3pm and 6pm; Sunday 20, 2pm.