HAY FEVER is an easy to watch, silly and often humorous story of a bad-mannered bohemian family in the countryside.

Starring Felicity Kendal from the Good Life and Simon Shepherd is showing at the Theatre Royal Bath until Saturday August 6.

It centres around the Bliss family – recently-retired Judith, the once glittering star of the London stage; David, an egocentric novelist; and Sorel and Simon, their two Bohemian adult children – who are incapable of sharing the spotlight.

The story is they all unwittingly bring round guests to their country home at the same time and, because they are unconventional, risqué, and often downright rude, it all ends in chaos.

Not much to centre story you might and there are periods within the three acts that you feel there wasn’t enough material to stretch across the show.

While the story is regularly punctuated with laughs, it is more slight chuckles rather than outright laughter.

The actors and actresses do the best they can with a lightweight script and minimal backgrounds to engage with each other but this is meant to be an easy to watch show and it excels at that.

People will enjoy Felicity Kendal as the matriarch of the family as she revels in the role and gets the best laughs.

Overall if theatre-goers are looking for a pleasing and easy to watch show that won’t challenge them too much this is the one to see.