MOTORISTS are being urged to drive safely and responsibly as heavy rain causes problems across the region.

Many roads around Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire are flooded or have several inches of surface water on them following heavy overnight rain.

Drivers faced treacherous conditions coming through Taits Hill in Dursley, while parts of the A38 are also under water.

Inspector for roads policing, Jason Keates, is urging drivers to help keep Gloucestershire’s roads safe by thinking about their braking distance.

"Don’t forget that braking distances can more than double on wet road surfaces," he said.

"So keep your speed steady and slow and keep plenty of space between you and the car in front.

"I’d also suggest that in poor weather you allow extra time to complete your journey. Trying to reach a destination within a tight time-scale, especially in poor weather conditions, increases stress and the potential for a collision."

Drivers are also urged to prepare their vehicle and make sure it is in good condition before setting out on a journey.

Other tips suggested are: * Use your brakes cautiously. Abrupt braking can cause brake lock-up and cause you to lose steering control.

* To make Antilock Brakes work correctly, apply constant, firm pressure to the pedal. During an emergency stop, push the brake pedal all the way to the floor, if necessary, even in wet conditions.

* Don’t make sudden changes in steering as this increases the potential for loss of control.