A SHELTERED housing scheme in Cam can operate as normal and potentially increase the number of homes it has thanks to some swift action by the local authority.

The Corriett is a cul-de-sac in the village that is used for the Corriett Sheltered Housing Scheme but number 22 has recently been put on the market, with concerns that a new owner may have different designs on the property or refuse to sell it back.

However Stroud District Council, under clause 22 of the council’s constitution, was able to put an offer in for the property straightaway earlier in the month and it is believed that has now been accepted.

Clause 22 allows the chief executive to make a decision when the matter is minor in nature and too urgent to wait for full council approval.

The semi-detached building had originally been sold to the former deputy warden at the site under the right to buy scheme in 1983.

The plan now is to redevelop the three-bedroom, two-storey house and number 23 next door, with their respective garages, into seven or eight flats.

According to the council, demand is high for sheltered housing in the area, with 43 people on the waiting list and over 50 bids attracted from the last eight flats let there.

Cllr Brian Tipper, for Cam East, said he was pleased with the move, calling it a wonderful thing and a benefit to the public.

"It can now be used to increase the number of homes there," he said.

"It could have stayed empty for years and served no one. It was a good opportunity and I am pleased the council took that opportunity.

"I think this is how a council should work, any opportunities like this should be grasped."

The scheme provides housing with support and currently has 28 flats as well as communal areas such as a lounge, dining room, laundry and a garden.

Predicted costs for the redevelopment, including the demolition of the garages, stand at £300,000 but it is unclear how much was spent buying the property.