A JUDGE had sympathy for the 'very tough time' endured by a small time cocaine dealer from Dursley.

Richard Delrosa, 35, of Rangers Avenue, was badly injured in a motorcycle accident and then a fall, Gloucester Crown Court was told.

"You were a hard working man until that time," said Judge Jamie Tabor QC.

"Your marriage fell apart, then a relationship with another partner broke up, It has been very difficult for you.

"You kept taking cocaine - although you have stopped now. I gather.

"I have read a lot about you and I am going to take an exceptional course to reflect that you were effectively a drug user rather than a dealer."

Delrosa, who is moving to live with a friend in High Street, Cricklade, Wiltshire, to escape the drug scene, admitted having 5.11 grams of cocaine with intent to supply on March 11 this year.

Prosecutor Julian Kesner said Delrosa was caught in possession of seven wraps of the drug. Delrosa said he was a user but admitted he would have supplied one or two of them to others.

Steve Young, defending, said that in recent times Delrosa's life had 'fallen apart'.

The motorcycle accident and fall had particularly affected him, he said. However, he was now no longer using cocaine.

The judge said: "I accept that he has been badly hurt and that he has not been well since."

Judge Tabor sentenced Delrosa to a three month home curfew between 9pm and 6am each night, but he said if that caused difficulty for Delrosa to have access to his children he would vary the times on one night a week.