TWELVE drivers in Gloucestershire were arrested for drink driving in the first week of a police crackdown on such offences.

The drink drive arrests were made between Saturday, December 1 and Friday, December 7, and all 12 arrested were men.

Seven men were charged and now face a possible driving ban to start the New Year.

Road safety team leader at the Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership, Garry Handley, said: "These 12 motorists will now have to face the New Year with a driving ban and all of the personal and social consequences that this brings.

"This must surely act as a clear message to all other motorists that drinking and driving simply does not mix."

Police are taking a zero tolerance approach to drink driving in the run up to Christmas.

Nationally nearly one in six of all deaths on the road involve drivers who are over the legal alcohol limit.

"It is impossible to calculate your alcohol limit – so don’t try," said Mr Handley.

"Any amount of alcohol will affect your judgement, starting with your judgement about whether you should have another drink, so please take notice of the Road Safety Partnerships campaign that is visible right across the county - don’t drink any alcohol if you are going to drive."

Gloucestershire Police are asking the public to report suspected drink drivers to them by texting the location and number plate of the vehicle, and if possible the direction of travel, to 07860 0090 095.