VALE Vision are set to close their Dursley shop at the end of January.

Citing unaffordable overheads as the reason for the closure, charitable organisation Vale Vision Development Trust is to shut the store in Long Street.

The limited by guarantee company was formed in 1995 to work with the communities in Cam and Dursley, as well as surrounding parishes, to promote the area, create jobs and improve access to services and leisure activities.

The shop is used as a point of contact for the public and a place to view information on the various activities, clubs, organisations and shops available in the area.

Asked what effect the closure would have on their role in promoting the community, chairman Chris Cherry was positive in his response.

"We will carry on with the projects we have as normal and look at further projects in the future, he said.

"The only difference will be that we will not have these premises. We need to support the community and this is a strategic decision, we’re keen to ensure things carry on as normal."

Mr Cherry was also keen to explain that all members would still be able to contact them via their website and phone numbers.

Dursley Town Council has worked with Vale Vision on various projects throughout the years and provides funding for their work.

Clerk to the council, Helen Bojaniwska, said they had been assured that Vale Vision's work would continue as normal.

"It will be a shame that they do not have a shop," she said. "But they are confident that they can continue working on their various projects."