STROUD district’s MP is walking in the footsteps of Robert Scott in a trip to the Antarctic to help promote the preservation of the polar regions.

With the British Antarctic Survey, Neil Carmichael hopes the journey will enable him to learn more about, and promote the idea of, conserving the polar region.

The trek is part of the Conservative MP’s recent success in being selected to take forward a Private Members Bill of his choosing.

The proposed legislation, called “the Antarctic Bill” would ratify environmental obligations the Government has in Antarctica.

The passage of the Bill will also coincide with the centenary of Robert Scott's ill-fated expedition, and recognise the work of his son, Sir Peter Scott who set up the birthplace of modern conservation with the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust in Slimbridge.

“With the Polar Regions under great environmental strain it is important to ensure that increased human activity in the region does not adversely affect the environment and there is a clear rule of law for environmental responsibilities,” he said.

“A century after Robert Scott's ill-fated Terra Nova expedition to the South Pole, it is wholly appropriate to recognise the team's efforts, secure their legacy, and ensure that the region is properly protected through British action and commitment.”