STROUD District Council’s chairman John Hudson is considering his future as he recovers from a heart attack at his home in Cam. The independent councillor for east Cam said that at 47 and being relatively fit he had not expected to have an attack and was now taking stock. "Having this has been a bit of a wake up call for me so I need to look at my options, there will be more to come," he said. "I am feeling quite well but get tired quite easily at the moment. "I have still to find out what the precise restrictions are on me, what I can and cannot do." As well as coping with his own health problems, Cllr Hudson has had to deal with the loss of his elderly mother Elizabeth Hudson, who sadly passed away the same day he was rushed into hospital. Known to everyone as "Lily", the 82-year-old former Dursley resident had been living at Breadstone House Dementia Care Home in Berkeley at the time of her passing. Cllr Hudson began having chest pains on Saturday, December 22, but put the feeling down to indigestion following a bout of flu. "Like a lot of people I just ignored it," he said. "I had my sisters visiting for Christmas and I had been told that my mother was unwell so that was taking priority for me. "The pain did ease but it didn’t go away. Thankfully my wife convinced me to go to the GP’s and they called an ambulance for me." Cllr Hudson, who was re-elected chairman of SDC by fellow members in May, spent three days in the coronary care unit in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital before he was transferred to the general cardiac ward. He was informed that he had suffered at least one heart attack and medics have now told the politician to take it easy. After spending Christmas Day in Gloucestershire Royal, doctors operated to remove a blockage in one of his arteries on Friday, December 28. The father-of-three, who returned home just in time to celebrate his daughter Hettie’s seventh birthday, said he hopes to be back chairing meetings at Ebley Mill early next month before he makes any decisions over his future.