GLOUCESTERSHIRE Road Safety Partnership has thanked the community for supporting their Christmas drink drive campaign.

During the month-long operation Gloucestershire Police carried out a total of 1835 tests - 1755 breath tests for alcohol and 80 field impairment tests for drugs - and made 69 arrests.

This gave an encouraging pass rate of 96 per cent of tested drivers.

Gloucestershire Constabulary chief inspector Jason Keates said: "The 96 per cent of drivers tested that passed should be congratulated for making the right choices and not drinking and driving.

"The support we’ve had from the county’s residents has been fantastic and we are sure it will continue throughout the year as our efforts to combat drink driving are not just for Christmas – we conduct breath tests every single day."

Police also used roadside posters and a branded van to spread the 2012 message to Eat, Think and Be Merry.

Dave Hornibrook, head of the Road Safety Partnership, said the positive response to the campaign showed that drink drivers were out of step with the majority of the county's motorists.

He said: "The results of our campaigning and enforcement activity show that it is only a small minority of motorists who think that it’s acceptable to put their lives - and the lives of others around them - at risk.

"The vast majority of Gloucestershire’s motoring public understands how dangerous it can be to drive under the influence of alcohol and we thank them for their compliance and support."

As part of the campaign Gloucestershire Police launched a new text-only number to report suspected drink drivers.

The number remains active and if you suspect anyone of getting behind the wheel under the influence you can text the car details and location to 07860 0090 095.