CONCERNS over the stability of the Tesco store in Yate are not the only problems the supermarket chain should be worrying about.

The firm has failed on numerous occasions now to answer any of the town council’s correspondence or communicate with the local community in any way. When fears were raised over the brightness of the lighting in the underground car park, Tesco said nothing.

When the Great Western Ambulance Service said it received more call outs to accidents on the store’s escalators to anywhere else, Tesco said nothing.

And now, when the ceiling to the supermarket’s underground car park is visibly falling apart, the retail giant says nothing.

Keeping quiet is not doing the company any favours with the people of Yate.

The fact that Tesco was only too willing to engage with the town before it opened the massive Extra store, but is now maintaining an audible silence, speaks volumes to shoppers.

Before opening, it pulled out all the stops to win our custom and loyality but at the first sign of any problems the publicity and community teams at Tesco are nowhere to be seen.

After putting up with waiting for 10 years for their new store followed by months and months of building work, Yate shoppers deserve better than being given the silent treatment.