DRIVERS are urged to prepare for icy patches and potential standing water on the county’s roads this weekend.

Rainfall and snow flurries could both feature across Gloucestershire in the coming days, according to the Met Office.

However, any snow anticipated this evening is expected to turn to sleet and rain, meaning settled snow should begin to thaw overnight.

On Saturday evening a band of rain is anticipated in the county which, combined with thawing snow, could lead to surface water on the highways.

The advice from Gloucestershire Highways, which treated key routes again last night, is for drivers to remain vigilant because ice patches are still a possibility following recent below-zero temperatures.

Area Highways Manager John Kay said: “These low temperatures mean the snow in the county has thawed very gradually and we may well have some further snow showers before the weekend.

“This means compacted snow and ice could remain a concern on the network and drivers should take special care. We will, as always, be monitoring weather updates closely and taking further action if needed.”