REPAIRS have been made to a ‘dangerous’ supermarket car park roof this week, following the Gazette’s exclusive article over safety fears at Tesco Extra in Yate Shopping Centre.

Last week we reported how Yate Town Council had expressed grave concerns for motorists parking in the car park, which is located underneath the 10,000 square feet store, after pieces of girder and electric cabling were spotted hanging from the roof. Water was also seen gushing from leaks in the roof.

Cllr Mike Robbins branded the supermarket, which only opened in October 2011, an ‘accident waiting to happen’.

After several months of the town council trying to get Tesco to address the problems, the firm finally agreed to send repair workers to the Yate store at the weekend.

Cllr Robbins, who last week claimed it was too dangerous to park underneath the supermarket, said: "The newspaper article was the catalyst that fired everything off.

"Tesco has said to contact them if we have any problems but from the town council’s point of view, the situation looked quite dangerous and we did what we had to do."

He added: "The girder and cabling problems were fixed by lunchtime on Saturday but I just wish we hadn’t needed all this argy bargy to remedy the situation.

"There was so much fuss for what turned out to be half a day’s work."

Cllr Robbins held a meeting with officers from South Gloucestershire Council’s environmental health department at the store last Thursday. He said improvements in communication between the town council and Tesco ‘remained to be seen’.

The leak to the roof of the car park is now being monitored and is expected to be fixed when the weather improves.

Emma Capon, spokesman for Tesco, told the Gazette this week that the retail giant was aware of the problems of its Yate store.

She said: "They are being fixed at the moment and will be completed in the next couple of months."