POWER most definitely belongs with the people this week in Yate.

Thanks to the persistence of a town councillor and the involvement of your local newspaper, the town’s biggest suprmarket has made immediate repairs to what could have been a very dangerous car park roof.

The retail giant had for months managed to dodge correspondence from Yate Town Council and ignored pleas of help from worried councillors. But thankfully, plucky Cllr Mike Robbins would not give up and with a little help from the Gazette, we got the company to fix the problems within days.

It is a pleasure to help solve situations which have been continuing for months on end and is always satisfying to see them resolved so quickly. But the real heroes in these David versus Goliath battles are the people willing to give up their time and energy in order to get a problem recognised in the first place.

The Cllr Robbins of our community are the ones who not only take note of what is going on around them but are prepared to stand up and do something about it.

All too often so many of us spot something not quite right and drive on by, get on with our shopping or keep walking. It is all too easy to think, someone else will sort that out.

If this unnecessary debacle with Tesco has taught us anything, it is simply that we need more people like Cllr Robbins in our lives.