A VICTORY for the residents of Frampton End Road is a victory for common sense.

Closing that narrow stretch of single-lane road will no doubt save lives in the very near future.

Just hearing people’s descriptions of the countless near misses which regularly occur on the country lane, not to mention the actual accidents, is enough to make you wince in fear.

To see them take place must be petrifying. Like so many lanes dotted all over South Gloucestershire, Frampton End Road is too small for any notable number of cars with far too many blind bends to be used as a rat run.

It was not created for the volume of traffic on our roads today and is quite obviously hugely unsuitable for HGVs, delivery vans and speeding boy racers. And any sat nav which directs drivers down it should be shown the door immediately.

This lane was made for the people who live along it and farmers to get to their fields.

It wasn’t designed for the school run and the argument that closing it will make life harder for time-strapped parents is preposterous.

Simply leave 10 minutes earlier and save your neighbours fearing for their lives every time they step outside their door and save yourself running the risk of a fatal accident.