AN ELDERLY couple embroiled in a row over where their mobility scooter is parked now face legal action from the committee overseeing their Cam home.

Les Allum, 88, had a heart attack shortly after moving into the bungalow at Elm Lodge retirement complex in February last year with his wife of 65 years, Kathleen, 85.

Mr Allum said that without the small vehicle he is stranded but leaves it beside his door and covered when not in use.

However the retirement lodge’s committee say it must go as they believe there is not enough space on the complex for it.

An agreement has still not been reached and they have now sent a solicitor’s letter to the couple demanding it be removed, potentially facing court action if they do not comply.

Their granddaughter Karen Thompson, who lives in Nailsworth, has spoken out against the behaviour of the committee.

"The situation is not going away, in fact I think it is getting worse," she said.

"These people seem to be making up these rules as they go along, there doesn’t seem to be any heart there.

"The lengths these people are going to is just unbelievable."

Since the troubles began Mr Allum has had another heart attack and been registered as disabled.

The ex-chairman of the Cam branch of the Royal British Legion said things were not getting better for him and his wife.

"The medical situation hasn’t changed at all," said Mr Allum.

"I am still seeing the doctor on a regular basis and now my wife’s mobility has got worse.

"In terms of physiotherapy they say they can’t do anything for her because her joints have got so worn.

"The hardest thing about it all is waking up every morning and thinking 'Oh no here we go again.'"

Chairman of Elm Lodge Committee Ted Pearce declined to comment.