YATE schoolchildren had a prehistoric lesson in life during the age of the dinosaurs thanks to experts from Bristol Zoo.

Year 3 pupils at Woodlands Primary School were treated to a workshop with top illustrator Andy Council and zoo ranger Alex Cocking.

The youngsters were in awe of Andy’s illustrations of dinosaurs which incorporate landmarks, garbage and animals. They then had the opportunity to create their own drawings based on one of the Bristol Zoo’s summer 2013 dinosaur exhibits, the ‘Carnatorous’.

Andy will take their designs back to his studio and integrate the ideas into a final drawing which will form part of the zoo’s exhibition.

Andy said:  "It is great seeing children put a fresh outlook on things. There has been some off-the-wall ideas and some great creativity which I look forward to using as part of the Dino Zoo exhibition."

Alex, a paleontologist, also ran a fossil presentation in which children could handle dinosaur teeth and bones from 320 million years ago.

"The dinosaurs have helped us talk about evolution in a new exciting way with the children," said Alex.

Year 3 teacher Beth Allen said: "This workshop has taught them so much about dinosaurs, evolution, history and key landmarks in Bristol which many of them have not experienced before. They have been delighted to be part of something at the zoo."