A MYSTERY Lotto winner from Gloucestershire has banked a huge prize on the EuroMillions without ever touching a ticket.

The lucky man, known only as Mr I, matched five main numbers and one lucky star in the EuroMillions draw on Christmas Eve and won £216,893.40.

Mr I was playing EuroMillions through National-Lottery.co.uk and has become one of over six million players that win each week on The National Lottery’s range of games.

A survey of lottery winners, found that surprisingly many shun champagne and turn to tea to celebrate.

However, most soon adapt to their new found wealth with 82 per cent of big winners splurging on a new home.

Winners have also been keen to reduce household chores with many employing cleaners and gardeners.

Winners have the opportunity to release their name, remain anonymous or like this winner, release some details through partial publicity.