A LITTER of kittens is causing chaos in Iron Acton.

Around five apparently homeless kittens have been on the loose in the village for over a week, worrying residents who have tried in vain to catch them.

The animals were first spotted just after the New Year and although homeowners have caught one, the remainder of the litter are still unaccounted for.

Elizabeth Hanham, of Station House, said the kittens had been ‘terrorising’ her own cats.

“They are lovely pretty little things and I’m sure they would make good pets,” she said. “But they are frightening our own cats and we don’t know what to do next.”

She added: “They have been running round our property for three weeks now. Although a neighbour caught one there are still three running around.

“They keep jumping up on my windowsills, they seem friendly but they are terrorising my own cats. I have left some porridge out for them because it breaks my heart to think of them out there.”

Mrs Hanham said she had no idea where the kittens, which she believes are around 10 weeks old, had come from. She said she had called the RSPCA, PDSA and Stroud Cats Protection but none of the organisations could take the kittens. Anyone who can help is asked to contact the Gazette on 01453 544000.