DYRHAM Park is literally falling apart – but we can all do something to save it.

An appeal has been launched to raise funds to fix the dilapidated roof, through which water is leaking into the building, putting the interiors and collections in real danger of damage or even destruction.

It’s commendable that the National Trust, proprietor of this stunning 17th century mansion, has already raised £3million towards the repair work.

This leaves £500,000 to go and is the focus of a new fundraising appeal.

It may seem like a lot of money, but if each of the 160,000 people who visit the property each year donated just over £3, this target would be reached.

It’s easy to take places like Dyrham Park for granted. We live in a country – and county – bursting with historic sites.

From Winterbourne Medieval Barn to Ram Hill Colliery, you’re never far from heritage in South Gloucestershire.

With such a frequency of historic sites, one can become complacent to these stalwarts of our landscape.

But it’s a huge undertaking maintaining a property as old and large as Dyrham Park. Without organisations like the National Trust and English Heritage, we would have lost many more of our historic monuments.

English Heritage guards over 400 sites, including Stonehenge and Dover Castle. The National Trust owns 200 historic houses along with forests, moorland coasts and even pubs.

For those that value education, our past or the great outdoors, places like Dyrham Park are invaluable.

Let’s all chip in and help secure Dyrham’s future as well as its past.