SECONDARY schools in Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire have varied greatly in their performance at Key Stage 4 level, with results published this week.

The annually-compiled Department of Education league tables, based on last summer's GCSE results, show several schools failing to measure up to the regional average while some schools have far exceeded the national level.

Rednock School in Dursley has triumphed this year by coming in the top 18 per cent of schools nationally as the number of pupils attaining five or more GCSEs at C or above, including maths and English, was 70 per cent.

The results are sharp turn in fortunes for the school, which only achieved 54 per cent last year and pupils achieving five GCSEs at grade C or above stood at 89.5 per cent.

Headteacher David Alexander said the results were a validation of the school’s hard work over the last three years to change its practises.

“It’s a massive change for us. Being in the top 18 per cent in the country is a huge leap,” he said.

“They have all done brilliantly, it’s a fantastic achievement.”

Brimsham Green School in Yate has seen its percentage of pupils achieving five or more GCSEs including English maths and English at grades A*-C drop from 53 per cent in 2012 to 48 per cent in 2013.

The fall follows a trend over several years as in 2010, 58 per cent of students were achieving five GCSEs graded C or above.

The school is also well below the national average of 59.9 per cent for number of pupils achieving grades A*-C in just English and maths, with only 48 per cent reaching that standard, the third lowest in the district.

Chipping Sodbury School was in line with the South Gloucestershire average of pupils achieving A*-C in maths and English, at 57 per cent.

The number of pupils to achieve five or more GCSEs graded A*-C has gone up at the school, from 46 per cent in 2012 to 56 per cent and sees a big increase from just 39 per cent in 2010.

Students achieving A*-C in English and maths at Winterbourne International Academy is well above the national average at 68 per cent and at Yate International Academy, the number achieving five or more GCSEs above a C grade has risen from 49 per cent in 2012 to 58 per cent.

Castle School in Thornbury saw 70 per cent of students achieve an A*-C in maths or English, second only to John Cabot Academy with 74 per cent.

The number of pupils achieving five or more GCSEs above a C was, at 68 per cent, well above the national average of 59.2 per cent. Marlwood School was just below the average, however, at 58 per cent.

Katharine Lady Berkeley’s School in Wotton-under-Edge keeps doing well, ensuring 69 per cent of its Key Stage 4 pupils attained five GCSEs at C or above including maths and English.

While slightly below last year’s 72 per cent level, the school is consistently performing well above the local authority's average (61.8 per cent) and the national average (59.2 per cent).