FOLLOWING yesterday's two Severn Bores and tidal surges, all authorities in Gloucestershire would like to thank people for their patience and assistance.

Around eight properties and some sheds and gardens were flooded on the Severn Estuary by the combined tides and four properties on the Wye Estuary in Gloucestershire.

In addition:

  • The A48 at Minsterworth was closed for a short time last night due to the flood waters.
  • Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue had to rescue two people from the river near Chaceley yesterday afternoon.

Today the bore was expected to go through at:

  • Newnham 0835
  • Severn Bore Inn 0928
  • Minsterworth Church 0935
  • Stonebench 0950
  • Over Bridge 1010.

Following that was the tidal surge at:

  • Sharpness 0930
  • Epney 1000
  • Minsterworth 1030
  • Gloucester 1100.

Yesterday's tidal surge saw the a power wave sweeping across the A48 near Minsterworth. The road had to be closed due to the flood water and a car that had got stuck.

Superintendent Emma Ackland says the police and Gloucestershire Highways have decided to make an early intervention to keep people safe.

"The A48 at Minsterworth is closed for a short time in both directions whilst the tidal surge goes through. A diversion will be in put in place.

"We appreciate that this may add extra time to peoples journey but the power of the surge potentially could be extremely dangerous."

Meanwhile, the A417 to Maisemore at the junction with A40 at Over roundabout remains closed due to the flood waters. The B4213 between Tirley and Haw Bridge also remains closed.