GLOUCESTERSHIRE authorities have once again braced themselves for this morning's Severn bore and tidal surge.

The surge traveled up the estuary at 10am at Sharpness before hitting Epney at 10.30am and Minsterworth at 11pm before getting to Gloucester at 11.30am.

Before the surge, Anthony Perry from the Environment Agency said they were likely to see a similar picture to yesterday, as although the astronomical tide levels are lower, the expected surge could bring levels up to a similar level we saw on Saturday.

"The combined bore, high tide and surge means we may see some of the flood defences along the Severn Estuary overtopping again today.

"With tides expected to remain high and more heavy rain forecast for the middle of next week, we ask communities along the tidal reaches of the Severn and Wye in Gloucestershire to remain vigilant and flood aware."

Staff continue to work around the clock to protect the area.

To subscribe to free flood warnings contact Floodline on 0845 988 1188.

Those already subscribed should take action if they receive a warning message.

For the latest information on flooding go to Meanwhile, Gloucestershire Police have been on the A48 monitoring the area and Superintendent Emma Ackland is asking people not to take any risks.

"The tidal surges over the weekend were powerful enough to sweep over the A48 at Minsterworth. If necessary, we will be closing the same section of road whilst the tidal surge goes through this morning.

"This is purely a precaution to keep people safe and we will reopen the road as soon as possible. The key thing is, this is likely to happen after rush hour so we are hoping there will be minimum disruption."

Jason Humm from Gloucestershire Highways says they are continuing to monitor the county's roads but would like to remind people about the dangers of flood water.

"We are continually assessing the situation but would like to remind people not to drive through flood waters. They won’t know how deep the waters are and potential dangers that could be hidden below the surface."

Meanwhile local authorities remain on alert. Tewkesbury Borough and Stroud and Forest of Dean District councils are ready to stand up rest centres if required and are working with the health services to ensure vulnerable people are safe.

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