A THORNBURY charity is organising a fundraiser to raise money for brain tumour patients in the south west.

Hammer Out based in Midland Way is urging members of the public, schools, clubs, pubs and workplaces in the region to show their support for Bandanas for Brain Tumours Day – by wearing a bandana and donating £1 to support the charity on March 7.

The charity was set up by Tina Mitchell Skinner from Alveston who lost her husband Paul to a brain tumour, when he was aged just 37. Mrs Mitchell Skinner now lives Rockhampton and campaigns endlessly to raise awareness.

She said: “There is no clear cause and no cure. Some brain tumours can now be treated or controlled by surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, but even those who are lucky enough to survive are likely to experience life-changing effects, both physical and emotional.”

It is the second year in which Hammer Out has run the bandana campaign during March, which is designated Brain Tumour Awareness Month.

There are specially designed charity bandanas available to buy for just £3 each or people can wear their own.

Last year celebrities such as Olympic diver Tom Daley, Falklands hero Simon Weston, stylist Gok Wan and popular actor Ben Miller wore bandanas to show their backing for the campaign.

Money raised will enable Hammer Out to help brain tumour patients, their families, carers and loved ones who are facing and coping with a brain tumour diagnosis in the south west.

Demand for support services grows each year and the charity receives no statutory funding, relying solely on voluntary donations to raise the funds it needs to provide its services.

"We have been working with a family who lost their eight-year-old son without warning to a brain tumour last year. We are supporting a 17-year-old who is coming to terms with his dream of university being over because his brain tumour has affected his abilities to manage day to day activities. We are there for people whose brain tumour diagnoses mean that they have had to give up their job or driving or who suddenly suffer epilepsy which is a frequent side effect," said Mrs Mitchell Skinner.

“We are asking everyone if they would spare a thought - and a pound - next month for those whose lives have changed because of a brain tumour and to show their support by wearing a bandana on March 7 or running a bandana-themed fundraising event.”

More information on the Bandanas for Brain Tumours Day can also be found at www.hammerout.co.uk/bandanas.