WOTTON’s in Bloom team is hoping to overcome funding shortfalls to ensure the town’s hanging baskets go up for a fifth consecutive year.

The volunteer-run group needs to raise £9,000 to install 120 baskets around the town and keep them fed and watered in the summer months.

Each participating trader or business will be charged a nominal fee of just £40 for a basket and a bracket with the extra cost for tending the plants being met by grants, donations and fundraising.

Funding problems have threatened project over the years since its inception in 2010, but organisers are determined to meet their target and keep Wotton blooming.

Wotton in Bloom committee chairman, Sue Hunt, said: She said: “More than once we have been convinced that we would not achieve our target. It isn’t a cheap exercise. “By far the largest single cost is the maintenance of the baskets for the summer months and that is the same irrespective of how many there are.

“But it really is worth it when you see how they brighten up the town. Each basket represents jolly good value for money as it includes watering, feeding and everything else.

“Thankfully, the Town Council and Chamber of Trade have been unstinting in their support each year.”

The project is a collaboration between the town’s Regeneration Partnership and the Chamber of Trade.

Chamber president, Alex Wilkinson is pleased to be continuing the collaboration.

“This project is a valuable asset,” he said. “There is no doubt that the hanging baskets bring visitors and trade to the town which is to everyone’s benefit.

“Things have been really tight for Wotton’s traders over the last couple of years and despite the predictions that we are now emerging from the recession things are still tough for some of them.”

Mrs Hunt added: “We are constantly on the lookout for more volunteers to join us and would specifically welcome people to help with our fundraising activities as well as those who might be able to tend the baskets on the occasional basis.”

Anyone wishing to join the team or make a donation to the project can contact Sue Hunt by email at suehunt2@btinternet.com or on 01453 521263.